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Free Flash Fiction:

To Eat a Cat

By: Jae El Foster

August 2018

He didn’t want to eat the cat. The idea made him nervous – not to mention queasy. However, Silas had gone four days without food, and the cat promised to fill his stomach and give him energy, if only he would take a bite.

The cat was already dead when he found it, cooking under a scorching sun on a path by the lake. The blast had occurred on the other side of the lake. The chance that the cat was contaminated was slim… but there was still a chance.

It took him a few tugs, but Silas managed to pull a hind leg free from the carcass. As he peeled off what was left of the furry skin, he fought back the urge to be sick – a truly difficult task. Closing his eyes, he brought the lean, meaty leg to his mouth, opened wide and took a bite.

It tasted like jerky, he thought as he chewed and swallowed. Hungrily, he took another bite, followed by another, until he had eaten the leg down to the bone.

Throwing the bone to the ground, he felt full but disgusted with himself. He cried – heavy sobs that made him gasp for air and search for strength. This was not the life he had hoped to live. Surely, this wasn’t the life anyone wanted to live. Then, looking out over the lake, in the distance where everything glowed with a pink haze, he imagined the people over there would have traded places with him, had they been given the chance.

Those people were all gone now. Many had perished in the sudden blast; most of the others had died within minutes after, as the mysterious haze spread. Silas was fortunate to have been on a drive that morning. Nonetheless, his truck had died the moment the blast occurred.

He felt sick again. It wasn’t the same sickness he felt moments ago, just before he ate the hind leg off a dead cat. This sickness was different. It seemed to punch at his gut with fists of fury, and it sent Silas down to his knees.

Something was happening to him – something excruciating. It seemed to be ripping through him, demanding release from his imprisoning body.

With little time to waste, he unfastened his jeans and tugged them and his underwear down to his ankles. Then, he lay on his back and pulled his knees up to his chest, allowing his posterior to spread open as much as possible.

The pain was more than he had ever known – more than he believed anyone could have ever known. It ripped its way through his colon, building up pressure as it forced its own digestion.

“Get out of me!” Silas shouted, and with a great push, he shot the source of his pain out of his bottom and onto the grass a few feet away from him. Even with the creature out of him, he could feel the internal bleeding and the fiery pain that erupted from his wrecked anus. He knew that he would soon be dead.

He rolled onto his stomach and crawled over to the creature on the grass. It was about a foot long and covered in pink goo. It squirmed and began to wipe the goo from its body.

Silas’s eyes grew wide with terror. As the creature cleansed itself, he could see that it was a tiny version of him – an identical twin – and it looked at him with eyes of fury. With a quick and threatening pounce, the creature leapt onto Silas’s face and began to feed on him. It ate every bit of his flesh– from head to toe – until nothing remained of Silas but a bloody mess of muscle and bone. When the creature finished feeding, it stood tall and proud. Naked beneath the sunlight, Silas’s alien double was now as tall and mighty as its former counterpart.

Stage two of the invasion would soon begin.


Copyright Jae El Foster, 2018