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Published Feb. 2019

2nd Edition

Tabitha Sparks & the Vortex of Dread

The most wonderful adventures of Tabitha Sparks, her faithful "cat of protection” Lapis, and all of their friends continue in this second installment of the beloved trilogy. 

Tabitha, anxious as ever to find her missing parents, ventures once again through the magical - and often dangerous - Door of Everywhere. There, she happens upon a particularly familiar door - the Vortex of Dread - that leads her to an unexpected family reunion and the return of the dreadful Maximus Minnie. All the while, Tabitha must travel to the Kingdom of the Transformals to save her friend Walt's royal thrown from an evil uprising! 

With great new characters, thrilling new lands, and nail-biting adventure, Tabitha Sparks and the Vortex of Dread will lead you one step closer to uncovering Tabitha’s truth!

$3.99 - eBook  or  $14.95 - Print


With a smile, young, proud Tabitha stepped off of the glistening door and moved aside.  The King then crouched to his knees and grasped the knob firmly in his hand.  His eyes moved once again to the pearly numbers along the top and he breathed a great sigh of relief.  Closing his eyes now, he twisted the knob carefully and slowly pulled up on the door.  As it lifted slowly upward, the white warm light began to show brightly through the threshold.  When the door had fully opened, the King stood tall, smiled kindly to his son and the young child that had shown him the way, and with a deep breath he stepped into the doorway in the floor.

Tabitha and Walt watched until the tip of his crown had disappeared, and then they looked at each other.

“Everything will be fine now,” Tabitha said positively to her friend.  “Your father will come back for you.”

Walt did not answer, but simply looked back at her with tragic eyes.

And then, the ears of both children became quite tragic as well, for many voices rose from the other side of door number Seven Hundred, and none of those voices belonged to the King of Transformals.

“There he is!” one voice called angrily.

“It’s the King!” another screamed.

“It’s King Morpheus!” a third added.

These sounds were followed by those of terrible yells and screams, and many more voices that commanded the capture of the King.  Finally, the King could be heard, pleading desperately for his life as the mob below the door fell upon him.