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Tabitha Sparks & the Door to Everywhere

Published Feb. 2019

2nd Edition

Young Tabitha Sparks has the most wonderful life that any little girl could ask for. She has loving parents, a kind tutor, and a comfortable home. But, as Tabitha ventures into the woods to play with her animal friends, her life takes a sudden, mysterious turn. You see, when Tabitha returns home - well - there simply is no home.

Taken by Child Services to live with her cold-natured Aunt Demonia Van Vile, Tabitha learns to adapt to a new life in a seemingly lifeless manor. Yet she learns that within every dark chamber, a new light can shine. Within this dingy, dreary new home, Tabitha stumbles upon something brilliant - something she could have never imagined. She finds a mysterious Door to Everywhere that, when entered, leads her to a world of nothing but doors - one door for every place in the universe. Through this Door to Everywhere, Tabitha must venture to find her missing parents and the home that she desperately misses!

An exciting adventure of fantasy, mystery, wonder, joy and family, 'Tabitha Sparks and the Door to Everywhere' is an instant classic that you and your family will cherish for generations to come!

$3.99 - eBook  or  $12.95 - Print


Now, there was no light, and Tabitha held one hand to either wall as she carefully and slowly walked up each step.  She had remembered how long it had taken her and Lola to reach the West Wing attic.  She expected this climb to take a bit longer in the dark.

“Now,” Lapis spoke, “do you think you could share with me why we are investigating the Forbidden Tower?  I’d really like to know if this trip is going to take up any of my nine lives.”

“We are looking for a door,” she said, leaving it at that.

“A door!” he cried.  “There are doors all over this house!  There are doors here that lead to brick walls, and doors that lead to forty-foot drops!  What kind of a door will this one be?”

“It is a door to many doors!”

“Oh, great,” he whispered under his breath, “more doors!”

Tabitha heard the snide remark, but she chose to ignore it and focused on the steady, winding climb ahead of her.  She had estimated that after every fifteen steps, the staircase winded around again to start over.  They had done this many times now, and she hoped dearly that they were nearing the top.  Her feet were getting awfully tired!

Even Lapis was getting a bit anxious, if you can believe that!  “Are we there yet?” he asked, before yelping, “Ouch!” walking into the black door.

“That would be the entrance,” Tabitha answered with a touch of laughter.  “Yes, we’re there.”

Pushing now with all her force, she worked the large door open just enough for her and Lapis to enter.  The cat ran in first, anxious for a glimpse of this mysterious door they were supposedly looking for.  However, he was most unhappy to find that there were no doors at all.

“There isn’t a door to be seen in this place,” he scrawled.

“That’s impossible,” Tabitha stated as she stepped fully into the room.  Unfortunately, she saw that Lapis was correct.

This room, much like the attic in the West Wing, was filled to the brim with rummage and dusty old antiques.  More clothes and hats waited patiently on racks and stands, and more trunks and boxes encompassed the floor.  Even the large arched window that looked onto the West Wing attic was the same – it, too, had no glass.  The room was, in every which way, totally identical to its counterpart.

“This is awful,” Tabitha cried and sat helplessly on the floor.  “Maybe… maybe my dream was just that – a dream!”

“There, there, Tabitha,” Lapis purred and rubbed up against her.  “It will be okay.  We’ll find this door! All we have to do is keep our chins up!”

“What did you say?” Tabitha asked suddenly, perking up a bit.

“I said we have to keep our chins up.”

“That’s it!  Let’s look up!”

End of Excerpt