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Shaded Whisperings: Playing St. Nick

Jasmine and Dylan don't have a perfect life, but they have something pretty close. They are madly in love with each other, and they hope to start a family. In need of work, Dylan takes a job playing Santa Claus at a department store. Jasmine finds the idea humorous, until a centuries-old demon by the name of Nicholas Von Barron is unleashed from a forced hibernation and begins to destroy the city. Fabled as the original Santa Claus, Nicholas - who has a reputation for eating little children and turning people into ice - sets his sights on Jasmine and the unborn child in her womb.


Will Jasmine and Dylan live to see Christmas Day?


Or will they meet their ends at the icy hands of St. Nick?

Published Dec. 2017

DCL Publications

1st Edition

$2.99 - eBook


She hated it here. A visit to Bailey’s much more relaxing and inviting homestead was exactly what she needed.

Of course, she would have to take a taxi. If she walked, she would freeze to death.

Moving to the cordless telephone, she powered it on and lifted it to her to dial. Kennedy Cab was the closest and most affordable, and it was number two on her speed dial. ScanTronics was still first, even though the number was no longer in service.

Before she could press the button, she heard the beeping from the phone blare loudly. There was no dial tone – only a busy signal.

“Okay,” she grunted, rolling her eyes. “I know we paid this bill.”

Setting the phone back on its charger, she checked the time on the clock and rushed to the bedroom. She dressed in the warmest, thickest clothes that she could find – some of them Dylan’s – and moved back into the living room to put her heaviest boots on her feet. Sitting down on the couch, she flipped the television on for background noise and began to pull on her boots.

“The scene is horrendous, Chris,” Channel 5 News reporter Jonathan Jenkins cringed through his report. “All around me are cars, buildings, and people – yes, people – that have all been transformed into ice.”

Jasmine jerked her eyes to the television. The picture was hazy and flickered as the reporter spoke.

“There are no people on this particular street that have not – somehow – been turned to ice. Telephone lines have been taken down, entire iced bodies have been shattered, and worst of all, Chris – we’re left with a most difficult question. Where have the children gone? The police say they’ve received nearly twenty missing person reports this morning, all for children under the age of ten. Parents say they let their kids go out to play in the snow or be with their friends this morning, and they’ve all seemed to disappear.”

With a nervous hand, Jasmine touched against the life in her stomach.

“So along with something going around that turns people and objects to ice, we also have an apparent kidnapper on the loose. This will not be a very merry Christmas for New York City, Chris.”

“Horrible thing there, Jonathan,” anchor Chris Logan said movingly. Then, placing a smile on his face, he continued, “In other news, what do a parakeet, a clown, and a class of fifth graders have in common?”

With a click of the remote, Jasmine powered off the television.

End of Excerpt