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Published September 2019

3rd Edition

Succulent Slavery

A young slave is placed on the market once again, after having developed too many curves for one former master’s taste, and having shared the bed with another master despite his wife’s protests. Now, after drawing many high bids at the auction, the slave is purchased anew – this time by a mistress.


Brought to comfort by the new mistress’s other slave Aquila, she is allowed to rest, and when she awakens, she is allowed to eat. However, she has been purchased during Saturnalia, and under the holy event, she may not feed herself. She must instead be fed by Aquila and her new mistress Carus. Handfed grapes – the main crop of the Carus’s land – the young new slave is given a proposition. By the end of Saturnalia, she will chose of her own will to remain Carus’s slave, or else Carus will grant the slave her freedom.


In disbelief, the young slave takes up her new mistress on the offer, only to learn that her Carus and Aquila will stop at nothing to ensure her happiness so that she will stay. Will they succeed in wooing her into their intimate circle, or will the new slave find her freedom right around the corner? Find out in this erotic, sensual tale of a mistress, a slave, and an intimacy that is most unexpected in the slave’s line of work.




She undressed me and smiled at my nakedness, even though I tried to hide it. She told me that my body was beautiful and that the mistress would love it. I shook my head. I explained that I either had too many curves or not enough, and I told her of my previous masters. She nodded, her black eyes on my naked body.

“The mistress is not like your former masters,” she explained.

She dressed me in cream colored silk, and the fabric was cool on my body, but it was hard to keep on. It slid from my shoulders, as if purposefully trying to escape my body. I was simply told not to worry about it.

I followed Aquila into your chambers and was almost shocked to see that you were laying just behind a gigantic bowl of grapes. You stood when we entered, and I saw you wrapped in silks of the darkest black. Your silks were as dark as your other slave's skin, just as her silks were as light as your pale skin. I was in the middle of the two contrasts – my skin a medium brown and my silks the color of cream.

You approached us and looked at me with a smile that immediately put me at ease. You asked me if I was hungry, and my stomach rumbled the reply before my mouth could form the words. You laughed gently and led me to the bowl, where you sat me immediately before it. Yet, as I extended toward it, Aquila caught my hand before it could reach it.

"The Mistress will feed us, girl," she explained.

I could not believe it. Slaves were not served. But you explained to me about the feast of Saturnalia and that the holiday was now less than an hour old. You would serve Aquila and I tonight, and when you were done, I would revert to my slave status, but I would be happy about it… I would willingly be your slave. My disbelief was obvious.

You began to feed me the grapes from the bowl and smiled at my obvious hunger, but you did not comment on it. Instead, you fed Aquila and me until our hunger had pleasantly subsided, and then you offered us wine from your winery, which was sweet and wonderful.

The firelight that lit the room cast a glow that shimmered over all of us, but it did little for the cold – which had made my nipples hard. When you suggested I lay back on the pillows that we sat on and I obliged, you looked at my chest and the hard nipples that raised the silk of my garment.

"Aquila, she is cold," you noted to the ebony woman, who was also looking at my chest.

"We must warm her, Mistress," Aquila replied, gazing at me with warm eyes.