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To Adventure

To Adventure!

A buddy and I would toast to this every time something good, or bad, happened in our lives. After all, everything that happens in our lives is an adventure, within an adventure.

After the release of Kings & Queens, I was eager to participate in another anthology with DCL Publications. I contacted my editor and learned the theme for the next anthology release was the Fairy Tale genre. As a child, I enjoyed and endured my fair share of fairy tales. Through books and film, like all kids, I was practically raised on them. Yet, in all of my years with a pen and paper, a typewriter, and a computer, I had never written - nor considered writing - a fairy tale.

Still, a challenge is a challenge. I decided that I wanted to explore certain elements of classic fairy tales, such as the wicked stepmother and the essence of true love and true love's kiss. Yet, even though the story would be set in kingdoms from a long ago era, I wanted this to be fresh. I wanted it to be funny. I wanted it to be scary and romantic and thought-provoking.

The last mainstream stab of mine at GLBT fiction was Straight many years ago, with some short novellas following that walked the borderline. With this, I wanted to honor my GLBT community in someway natural, and so I worked to incorporate the element in a way that was not overly blatant, but was instead important, dignified, and a little bit dangerous.

One character in this tale that you can look forward to seeing again is Madame Howell. This tarot-reading gypsy makes a pertinent appearance in my upcoming novel Beauty Within. I created the character of Madame Howell before To Adventure was even a thought, but a rewrite of Beauty Within set the book's publication date back a bit. However, don't think you know all there is to know about Madame Howell when the novel is released. Her appearance in To Adventure is just the tip of the iceberg.


To Adventure is not a gay story. It is a story that incorporates love and truth, heart and soul, and blends elements of family betrayal, unlikely trust, and the slaying of the dragon that we all love so much. Why is that in italics? Well, I've given you enough spoilers. Enjoy the story.

To Adventure can be found in the Enchanted Fairy Tales anthology, available now from DCL Publications.

I shall now claim my crown as the new king of Fairy Tales. You may commence showering me with flowers and candy. 

Rest up,

Jae El Foster