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Stories Behind the Stories:


Restless is a very special literary child of mine. Its birth stemmed from something the protagonist and I had in common - a bout of writer's block. Yes, those two horrible words that every author fears. I had searched all around me for inspiration, and I simply could not grasp onto it. There were no muses providing me with their infinite wisdom. The only voice in my head was one that was complaining about being creatively blocked and felt like a stranger in a strange land - to be poetic about it.

When I finally sat back and listened to this lone voice, it belonged to Nicola - a romance writer from the Big Apple, whose case of writer's block had swept her far from home, to some foreign land in search of her inspiration. That foreign land became Woodland Village - a tiny speck on the European map, and one that lacked any sort of excitement or romance.

So, now I had my protagonist seeking inspiration in a village that provided none of what she needed. Nicola was frustrated. I was frustrated. There had to be something though, right? Anything...

And so there was. A sound. Something that made a crash in the middle of the night, outside her window in the Inn. What was it? Oh, how I loved the feeling that came with that sound, and Nicola seconded the sentiment.

What Nicola would find was the start of her adventure, and what I found was an end to my writer's block. Once that sound summoned - once a spark was lit - I began to lose myself in the crafting of a story that incorporated something I swore I would never write about... a vampire.

No offense to those that love them, but vampires have never been for me. Still, when the antagonist arrived in the story - there he was. Powerful. Beautiful. Evil. His identity was one that I did not know of until my fingers began to type it. His name was Gregory, and he had made his way into a story that forced me to overcome my angst against the vampire genre and delve into the darkness of it.

Restless ended up being my sleeper hit. I signed it with DCL Publications in 2012 after I had disappeared from the literary industry for a hiatus. What I found with the release was a new audience and some damn good reviews.

Rumor has it - at the time of this essay - that there is a sequel in the works. Perhaps. I know what you're thinking. With the ending to Restless, how could there possible be a sequel?

Well, my friends, I guess you'll just have to wait and see. Try not to become restive while you wait.


Rest up,

Jae El Foster