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Stories Behind the Stories:

Shaded Whisperings: Forever

I would like to say that Shaded Whisperings is as old as time itself, but that's most likely just the idea of the series and not the series itself. Okay, the series has definitely not been around since the dawn of time, but wouldn't that be something?

Actually, Shaded Whisperings began twenty-two years ago when I was a teenager in high school. Back then, I called the series The Danger Zone. I was an INTENSE fan of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents - the television shows and their corresponding books. I had so many great stories in this series that my notebooks contained more fiction than classwork.

Over the years, these stories disappeared - through moving or just plain carelessness. They stayed with me in the form of a memory - and as an idea. For several years, I contemplated re-creating my series of mystery and horror, but The Danger Zone was gone and I needed something fresh. I've never been big on resurrecting lost projects, but - as I remained a fan of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents - I wanted my personal horror universe back. No... I needed it back.

In 2008, the idea of Shaded Whisperings was born. I put a good deal of planning into the creation of this series, deciding that I did not need 'notebooks' worth of stories for it, but just a short collection of scary tales that would give me a chance to offer more quality writing for my readers than quantity. I decided from the get-go that there would be only six tales included in this new series, and still it would take another seven years for the first story to see the light of day.

The first entry - Shaded Whisperings: Forever - is a Halloween Horror tale that I felt was perfect to begin this journey of terror for my readers. The novella is set during Halloween, and it follows its protagonist - Miranda - as she prepares for her first ever Halloween party. In true 'Jae El Form,' the party is a side-character, and the intensity of the plot comes with Miranda's hot neighbor Mark and with a doll Miranda has purchased at an antique shop - an anatomically correct doll that looks strikingly like her handsome neighbor.

It is during a scene of gratuitous female masturbation that Miranda learns the doll is more than it seems, for it comes to life as she pleasures herself, and while in this living mode, it answers every beckoning call of Miranda's sexual desires.

While Forever might, at this point, sound like a raunchy book, there is more to this story - and to the cryptic doll - than meets the eye. Forever is in every way a pure tale of horror - one that offers a tremendous twist for the reader and will remain in their mind's eye for a long time to come.

Shaded Whisperings: Forever was also my first publication after a car wreck in 2015. In fact, I don't even have a memory of its publication. With thanks going to editor Jean Watkins and the staff of DCL Publications, this book saw life. My publishing house took good care of me in a time of darkness, and this novella is a reflection of that.