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Free Flash Fiction:

Roll with It

By: Jae El Foster

March 24, 2019

Endless days. Countless nights. There was no telling how long he had been here, but he had seen winter turn into spring and spring was now turning into summer.

He had no complaints. When they found him, he was weak and emaciated – having gone days without water and longer without food. He was nearly dead. He’d been a contestant on Surviving the Wild Jungle, and after an attack by a pride of wild cats, he was the only one left alive. The medic, the two camera men, and the guy that had been his partner for the show… all dead. Eaten.

Brian had managed to stay alive by running as the others were attacked, and fortunately, he’d not been pursued. Still, he wandered through the jungle for days with no direction and no resources. Eventually, he thought he was done for, and he had lain down to die.

Then, as if God had sent him angels, he saw himself surrounded by tanned, naked people right before he passed out. When he awoke, he was here, in a tribal clearing, filled with huts and spiritual monuments and some of the kindest natives Brian had ever met. They were also the only jungle natives Brian had ever met, but he didn’t let that inhibit his opinion of their kindness.

They fed him heartily – anything they had… anything he craved. Fruits. Meats. The freshest, coolest water that he had ever drunk. He was in a paradise, and he felt like the luckiest man in the world.

Now, many weeks later, he also felt like one of the fattest, healthiest men in the world. Currently, he was naked, flat on a table under the sun while three of the tribal women carefully shaved every bit of hair from his body. This was the first time they’d done this to him but he’d learned by now that there were many customs here that he’d yet to learn, and he just had to roll with it.

They left his face and head unshaven, something he was thankful for. Brian had grown accustomed to longer hair and a beard to match. He imagined, in a few months, his hair would be double its current length… unless he was rescued. Then, he’d go right back to the crew cut and clean-shaven face that he’d always preferred before this ordeal.

From the table, Brian was led to the bathing pit, where the three women washed him clean. Before he could dry, they covered his skin with mud and then led him over to the clearing where the sun was shining the brightest and warmest. There, they stood with Brian as the mud dried and began to crackle and the sun began to move. Once that happened, they led him back to the bathing pit and cleaned him once more.

He felt like he was at the world’s most luxurious spa. The kindness these people showed him was overwhelming. He’d developed a care for them that he could only describe as love, and he knew that they felt the same for him.

When he was clean again and dry, they led him to the wide, flat stone altar where the tribe often delivered babies and prayed to their gods. The three women laid Brian down on the great stone and began to rub his body with an oily ointment. He felt familiar pleasures mix with new ones as they applied the ointment all over him until every visible bit of skin was covered.

“You don’t have to stop now,” he joked and smiled, knowing they could not understand a word of what he was saying.

The sun was right above him, shining brightly down onto him. He hoped whatever they’d rubbed on him didn’t cause him to burn. He had delicate skin, and although he had the makings of a decent tan, he knew he would still burn easily.

Brian felt fat but happy. He’d always wondered about that phrase, but the fatter he got, the more these people treated him like a god – like a Buddha. Lying flat, he held his blubbery stomach in his hands and made it jiggle. The jiggling made him laugh. He didn’t miss his six-pack one bit.

He heard a chanting coming from behind him and, gazing back, he could see the rest of the tribe joining him and the three young women. It was a celebration, Brian realized, and he was the star.

They lit small fires at the posts lining with the four corners of the great slab, and the tribe’s priest sprinkled Brian’s body with the most deliciously scented herb as he chanted over him. The scent made Brian’s mouth water. After this, four of the tribe’s strongest men came to him – two per side – and began to rub his muscles and flesh with such skill and intention that he just knew he was in heaven.

The four men then each took one of Brian’s limbs, stretching them outward. At first, Brian worried that they were about to explore regions of him that he preferred they not explore, but then he felt great tensions release and his joints popped almost in unison.

“That feels so good,” he whispered, letting his eyes roll to the back of his head as he closed them.

Then, all of the sudden, there was pain. Sharp, severe pain that caused Brian to open his eyes and try to sit up as he screamed. However, he could not sit up, as two tribesmen were holding him down as others chopped at his arms and legs, severing them from his body.

Brian screamed again, his body filled with terror – his brain shocked from the intensity of this horrid surprise. He could see his legs being held over the fires at the end of the great stone as the warriors began to roast them.

While one of the three girls began to bite into his side and another into his gut, Brian realized that he had not been saved by this tribe. He had, instead, been fattened up for a sacrificial feast. Now, as they cannibalized him and as his final scream left his lungs, Brian regretted ever going on reality television.


Copyright Jae El Foster, 2019