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Published September 2019

2nd Edition

The Pleasure of Dying

Adesanya's Cheap Scares Book 2

Janet’s not having the best day. It’s autumn in October and she’s lost on a road in the middle of nowhere, skimming through one area of Massachusetts to another on her way to the airport. Even though the leaves are exhibiting their brilliance all around her, Janet cannot focus on them. She can’t even focus on the road ahead of her or where she is, as something is plaguing her. Janet is on her period, and her extreme flow has made the drive uncomfortable and nearly unbearable.


Setting her sights on finding a gas station with a restroom, Janet thinks she’s spotted just what she’s looking for. Yet, on closer observation, she discovers that this off the beaten path filling station and its sibling owners may be yearning to relieve her in more ways than one. As the strong scent of her menstrual blood draws the unusual siblings’ attentions, Janet becomes wrapped up in an erotic adventure of bloodlust and intimacy that she may not recover from.


Will Janet walk away from this venture unscathed, or will the blood-thirsty siblings present a scenario from which she will never recover? Find out in this exciting installment in the ‘Adesanya’s Cheap Scares’ series of horror shorts!




“Fucking cramps…” she groused. “Fucking period. Out here in the middle of nowhere fucking Massachusetts, bleeding like a goddamn fucking stuck pig!” She slammed at her steering wheel with her fists.

Janet also hated her menstrual cycle. All of her life, it had been painful and heavy. Sometimes the blood loss was so bad that she became weak and dizzy, no matter how many iron supplements she consumed.

She craved red meat during this time, as well. The rarer the meat was, the better. As she passed a small herd of cows, her mouth watered with desire. Her mind barely registered that the animals were still alive. Daydreams of warm, freshly killed cow made her shudder violently with a desire she had never understood. Even in childhood, she had preferred her meat rare. More than that, she wanted it warm and rare. Resentment of the governmental refrigeration process dogged her every breath.

This, and for reasons she never understood, she got as randy as a racehorse during her period. She simply couldn't get enough cock. She couldn't get a big enough cock. She couldn't get a man with the balls enough to suck her bloody clit, which remained turgid and sensitive throughout her cycle. As a result, she often found herself masturbating furiously with a gigantic dildo every day of her period and many times a day. Upon completion, she’d lick the blood away, moaning with every pass of her tongue to taste the combination of her blood and her sexual excitement.

She had changed her super absorbent tampon an hour ago, just before she left her hotel to go to the airport and leave the nightmare that was Massachusetts in autumn behind her for the serenity of California.

She could feel that it needed to be changed again. And when her tampon physically felt like it needed to be changed, she didn't have much time to obey her body's command. If she ignored it, she would simply bleed through her short skirt and onto the rented leather of her car.

She began to look for any sign of civilization, and it was then that she realized that she was lost.

“Fuck!” she growled as she passed a sign that announced she was entering New Marlborough, Massachusetts. “Where the fuck is New Marlborough?” She spat the name out as she said it. “Never fucking heard of it.”

The beauty of the scenery was forgotten. All she saw were trees, trees, and more trees. Suddenly, it seemed like all of the leaves were blood colored. Brown for dried blood and red for fresh blood, and every color of blood in between.

She felt gravity pulling at the tampon inside of her. She knew it was beyond full, and it needed to be removed. But there was nowhere to stop; all of her scenery was limited to trees and the white line on the deserted road that she drove on.

“Goddammit!” she shouted as she felt the fullness of her tampon squish through her shifting.

She slowed just long enough to read a sign that told her she was leaving New Marlborough.

“I didn't even pass a fucking house!” Her voice was amazed. She had never been through a town that didn't even have houses near the road, never mind a gas station with a restroom and a toilet that she could change her bloody tampon over.

Two minutes later she read the sign that welcomed her to Cruentus. She didn't even swear at the name, much less try to pronounce it. She was driving now with a single-minded purpose. To find someplace she could change her damned tampon.

A little gas station appeared and then disappeared on the side of the road in less than a second, as she was driving so fast. Her body slammed against her seat belt when her foot slammed on the brakes. She came to stop, nose to nose, with a large and ancient tree.

“Well it's about fucking time!” she shouted in joy as she put the car in reverse and returned to the tiny station.