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Only at Christmas

Following the death of his partner, an advertising executive transfers from his home in New York City to unfamiliar territory in Nashville to begin anew. As Christmas approaches, Darin finds his loneliness and depression growing stronger and sets out to a nearby bar for a drink. There, he meets a man that makes his heart skip a beat - a handsome young attorney named Ryan that sparks a romantic interest in Darin and reawakens his heart. Through the exploration of Nashville's underground gay sex scene, the truth about cowboy bars, and a debate on if Nashville pizza is as good as New York pizza, Darin begins to heal just in time for the holidays. But is this Christmas romance with the buff feisty attorney too good to be true, or will this affair prove to be a match made in Heaven that could happen only at Christmas.

The Print Edition includes the short story 'Slow Dancing with the One I Love':

Travis has just lost his husband and best friend Ben. Now, as he settles into a life of solitude, strange happens are occurring around him. Has Travis gone crazy with grief, or is there a presence trying to contact him?

Published Dec. 2018

3rd Edition

$1.99 - eBook

$6.99 - Print

$6.95 - Audio


“Have you ever seen the riverfront at night? It’s beautiful when lit up by the moonlight. The whole river glows blue and white.” Ryan seemed lost in thought when asking this, as if perhaps he was remembering or imagining something long ago. There was that familiarity that Darin recognized again—the way the question came out full of thought and wondering, dissecting the miracles of nature and life. He had seen this before… in the haps of another life.

“I’d love to see the riverfront,” he finally replied, also lost in the mood of his new acquaintance. “I’ll assume you know the way.”

“Yeah,” Ryan whispered, leaning forward and cranking the car as if he was just coming back to life. “It’s less than a five minute drive from here.”

True to his word, the Cadillac pulled into the nearly deserted parking area, looking over the glistening Cumberland River. As the snow continued to fall, it gave the appearance of tiny, glowing fairies drifting down onto the water before instantly dissolving from its touch. Darin watched from the windows of the car before realizing that Ryan had already opened his door and stepped outside. Unfastening his seatbelt, he, too, quickly stood and moved toward the railing.

“See those stairs?” Ryan asked, pointing out the stone structures below them. “They’ll take us down about as close as we can get without actually getting in the water.”

“Yeah, I’d like to get as close as possible…” And with those words, Darin smiled brightly and blushed as he began down the steps that he had just been introduced to. The trip down was short, and when the river seemed just feet away from them, they stopped. “It’s been a while since I’ve been this close to the water. Usually on a beach or ocean… this is different.”

“Once, my mother took me on vacation in Florida. I’d never seen water like I did from the beach that summer. “It was so blue and real.” As Ryan spoke, he began to shiver, remembering that he’d never donned the extra coat in the car. Darin took notice of this, and without a question or a doubt, he embraced Ryan in his strong arms. “I barely know you,” Ryan grinned, staring deeply into Darin’s soft, brown eyes.

“If you’re cold, you’re cold,” Darin replied matter-of-factly. “There doesn’t have to be anything sexual to this.” But even though he spoke the words, he, himself, could not believe them. Standing here, holding this handsome man beside the open river and beneath the falling snow, he felt a tension and an attraction that could not be denied. Quietly, he wondered if Ryan felt the same.

“You’re cute,” the clean-cut Nashvillian whispered sweetly. “Thank you for holding me.”

End of Excerpt