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Join in Wednesday nights at 9/8 cst for fresh installments of Jae El Foster's new horror serial Living on Main Street!

Main Street isn't what it used to be, and Jae El Foster proves it better than anyone in this new serialization that follows a young single mother who purchases an old home on Main Street - at a ridiculously cheap price - for her and her son. As the days and nights go by, Tiffany and her son Benny begin to understand why the house was so affordable.


A chilling serialized novella - free for your enjoyment, courtesy of Jae El Foster. You will be engrossed through the very end!

Living On Main Street

Living on Main Street Returns with Chapter 2 on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019.

Additional Installments Arrive on Wednesdays

Chapter 1: Moving In

Maggie and her son Steven are beginning a new life, and they are eager to settle in to their new home in Chariot, Tennessee. Even though the house was a good deal, can the same be said of the neighbors?

Chapter 1

Moving In