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Free Flash Fiction:

It Had Survived

By: Jae El Foster

November 4, 2018

No one ever said dying would be easy, especially for an entire race of people. Yet, the extinction had left the planet dead - charred and frozen, all the same. It was a useless black rock that barely still turned on its axis.

It had survived so much before. So much war. So much plight. It had rebirthed itself a multiple of times, utilizing its executive force of nature to slowly eliminate what was killing it, and to give birth to something new and healthy - refreshed.

This time, it could not do that.

Mankind had not only destroyed themselves, but they had taken the planet with them. Through nuclear attacks, atomic bombs, and a massive amount of toxic pollution, mankind had managed to destroy every last bit of life on Earth. So much destruction and death amassed that the planet’s core began to cool and die as well.

Now hard, dusty, and chilled, the planet slowed further on its rotation until it failed to move at all. The sun was nothing more than a fiery ghost as it failed to warm the Earth’s chilled bones.

From its axis, it tilted one final time, and from its orbit, it fell.

Like a cue ball headed for the eight, it began to tumble and drift - fast and uncontrollably - through the vast, never-ending openness of outer space. At first, its speed was more of a plummeting speed - one that seemed to warn of further impending doom. Then, whether through a change of pressure in space or a lapse in the time-space continuum, the velocity seemed to stabilize. At a new location now, the blackened surface of Earth grew icy and bluish.

For unknown time, the planet traveled like this throughout space, moving from one galaxy to the next with the buoyancy of an excited sloth. There came a time when it traveled into an asteroid shower, and many chunks of the planet were lost to space - crumbled into dust and nothing more.

Still, a gigantic ball of Earth remained, and it continued to cross through the universe, now billions of miles from its original home.

Deep in the innermost regions of a galaxy known as Razuu, there was a planet named Tretrolioc. Tretrolioc was a thriving planet, filled with many species of wildlife and a dominant species called trets. Trets were a wide-spread civilization of highly intelligent beings that had built entire cities across their globe. As they were more intelligent than emotional, the trets had built their world with renewable resources, leaving as tiny of an impure imprint on their planet as possible. They also had no war or famine. Their intellect allowed them to work out their differences without dominance or bloodshed, and with Tretrolioc’s pure atmosphere, food was plentiful and easy to grow.

A beautiful civilization of humanesque beings that had skin with the slightest tint of purple and hair colors cascading through every bit of the rainbow’s prism., the trets carried themselves with distinguishment, honor, and kindness. Three moons belonged to Tretolioc, and each was worshiped in a different way by the trets. They believed the moons helped their crops thrive and their bodies stay healthy. One moon represented prosperity, one represented well-being, and one represented abundance.

The trets were a species billions of years old and one that had learned to positively adapt to cycles of change, leaving their species to thrive and grow instead of suffer. They saw no purpose in bending nature, as nature was bountiful and gave to them everything that they needed.

Happy, confident, and alive, the trets had no need to build massive weapons, unlike the earthlings who had made weaponry a major part of their focus since their civilization began. The human’s need to control - their need for destruction - had already destroyed Earth, and as the planet drifted, tumbled, and soared through space, the curse of humanity’s footprint traveled along with it.

The trets had never seen anything like it - a beautiful mass of rock that soared at a slope, just visible in their skyline. They had seen asteroids and meteors - comets and shooting stars. They had remained in awe of them, and though they had studied the very few that had impacted with areas of Tretrolioc, they knew very little of them. In fact, as their planet had remained well maintained, it had seen very little disaster of any sort at all.

In masses, the trets stood outdoors, watching the beautiful giant ball of rock fall toward them, steadily - growing larger and larger before their eyes. Then, in an instant - a blink of an eye - there was an impact of such great proportion that Tretrolioc was shattered like a cookie thrown to the ground. Mankind, through its greed and hunger for power and control, had not only eliminated its own planet but had also claimed the existence of another planet in the process.

Now, broken apart into many gigantic chunks, the remains of Tretrolioc shot into separate paths through space, set to continue the destruction that began with the power-hungry humans.


Copyright Jae El Foster, 2018