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Free Flash Fiction:


By: Jae El Foster

April 14, 2019

She sighed in a pleasant way and stretched. A yawn accompanied the stretch, as the hour was getting late. Beverly looked at the last reply in her messenger – a GIF of a kitten yawning with a good night message below it.

“How sweet,” she gushed and stood, taking her phone from the small table and leaving her laptop there to charge for the night.

Beverly changed into her kitten pajamas – the ones that reminded her of her new romance’s last GIF of the night. Crawling into bed, she thought of that cute kitten, all furry and snuggly, and blissfully, she drifted off to sleep.

Her alarm was her phone, and when it sounded, she awoke rested and ready for the day. He was the first thing on her mind as she climbed from the bed, and even more so as she brushed her teeth and showered. As her coffee brewed, she checked her messenger on the laptop and noticed a new GIF of a bright, smiling sun wishing her a good morning.

Beverly giggled and opened the GIF finder, searching until she found the perfect one to respond with – a teddy bear in a top hat drinking coffee with the caption top of the day to you.

She clicked the send button and then waited until she saw that her GIF had been sent, delivered, and viewed. In response, Beverly watched another GIF appear – a dog licking a woman on the face. The caption said here’s a big wet kiss from me to you.

Again, Beverly giggled. She would wait to respond, she decided, until after her first cup of coffee.

She drank that cup on the front porch, enjoying the morning sun and the coolness of the air. When she refilled her cup and returned to her laptop, she found on the screen a GIF of a grumpy man with a briefcase walking into an office with the words work, work, work boldly flashing.

“My poor sweetie,” Beverly whispered and then replied with a GIF of a cartoon puppy in a suit, sitting at a desk typing it’s a dog’s life.

She received a response of a smiley blowing a kiss at her.

Beverly was beside herself with joy. It had been a long time since she’d been in a relationship. Four years, give or take a few months. Since then, she’d worked from home and kept to herself – kept under the mindset that there was no one out there right for her. Yet, just three short months ago, this man named Mason came into her life via social media.

A writer with a few books under her belt, Beverly had many people follow her across the board on the internet, so it was not unusual when she’d received a private message from a new follower – a GIF of a pony in a field with the caption have a fantastic day. Beverly had responded with a thank you GIF, and that had started a series of back-and-forth GIF sending between her and her new follower.

Over the course of a few weeks, their GIFs became more flirtatious than friendly, and after two months, Beverly had been swept off her feet. Now, as she returned his kissy smiley with one of her own, she found that she was eager to meet him.

She sent another GIF, feeling brave – one that was captioned I’d like to see you. She followed the GIF up with a text reply that contained her home address.

The message was delivered and viewed, but Mason did not immediately respond, which worried Beverly. Had she now moved too fast for him? Did he not feel the same way she felt about him? She was infatuated by him and couldn’t wait to spend some real time with him, but when she considered it, his GIFs had been flirtatious and sometimes downright sexy, but that could have been the extent of it.

She sighed and shook her head, deciding to drown her sorrows in her coffee as she sipped from her mug. He was probably married, she figured, and her dream of a new relationship was a bust.

Just then, she received a reply – a GIF of a dolphin in the water and the caption I’ll ‘sea’ you tonight.

Now, Beverly was ecstatic. She beamed from ear to ear. Her heart went all aflutter as the knowledge that she was finally going to meet her Mister Right sank in.

She spent the entire day preparing for Mason’s arrival. She cleaned the house, cooked a meal, bought a bottle of wine, and dressed in her prettiest dress. Mason’s last GIF had been a picture of a clock set to eight. The doorbell rang at precisely that time, and Beverly thought she’d faint. Gathering herself the best she could, she went to the door and answered it.

Mason was handsome and charming… elegant. He was everything that Beverly had hoped he’d be. He had worldly conversation that they discussed over dinner and wine. And when he kissed her, he did so with effortless ease, making her instantly relaxed and fully under his spell. Then, as his teeth bit into her neck and he fed on her warm blood, Beverly did not mind a bit.

She fell into a deep sleep in his arms and when she awoke, it was the next night. Mason returned and collected her, deciding that their second date had to be out on the town, where he could treat Beverly to the first meal of her brand new life.

Beverly was excited for this. In fact, she was thrilled about it. After all that time spent being single and miserable, she finally had a boyfriend that was absolutely to die for, and she wasn’t going to let anything about him ruin it for her.


Copyright Jae El Foster, 2019