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Published Sept. 2019

1st Edition






Freaky Fiction on the Go: Volume 2

A woman must hunt food for her starving son after a catastrophic event… A comic book lover is thrown under the bus as a leader during an alien invasion… A pregnant prima donna struggles to have a demon baby removed from her womb… A housewife’s alcohol addiction brings about unexpected consequences… a dead star travels through the universe carrying turmoil along its course… These are just a handful of the intense tales of science fiction and horror bundled up in ‘Freaky Fiction on the Go: Volume 2.’


Featuring season two of Jae El’s popular flash fiction, along with several new and previously unreleased tales, this volume brings the focus of the genres to the forefront. Whether your literary tastes are for alien invaders, unusual planets, dystopian futures, artificial intelligence or technology, cannibalistic tribes, kindly witches, people seeking revenge, or even kids with a curiosity over where babies come from… you’ve come to the right place.


‘Freaky Fiction on the Go’ is a great reading alternative for those without a lot of time to read, those who want to sneak in a quick read between classes or while on break, and for those looking for intriguing, thought-provoking stories to occupy their time with. Available in electronic and print, ‘Freaky Flash Fiction on the Go: V2’ also makes the perfect gift for those who love to read!

Excerpt from 'A Plan of Action'

“We are your new gods,” the creature announced from atop his ship that was hovering above the small farm town. His skin was gray and his body was shaped like a lizard. His eyes glowed red, and when he spoke, his tongue slithered about. Yet, he stood well over eight feet tall, on his hind legs like a man. “You are now our slaves! Any resistance will be futile and will result in your demise.”

Even though he was understood by the ears of every human present, it was not because he knew the language. He spoke into a device attached to the side of his head, like the mic a rock star would wear on stage with a built-in ear piece. A translation device, thirteen year old Willis thought as he stared and listened.

Willis was a comic book freak, but not for the new stuff that was on the market today. His favorites were the old sci fi and horror comics from the sixties, and this new invasion reminded him of one of those.

“You shall work the land,” the creature continued, “and you shall serve us in the manners my people are accustomed to.”

Almost verbatim, the creature’s speech seemed right out of one of Willis’s comic books. He wished he could run home and find the issue he was thinking about so he could bring it back and check it as a reference, but the last person that tried to run was shot with a ray gun that rendered him into a small pile of ash. The ones that screamed when it happened met the same fate, but Willis had remained silent. He’d read stuff like this before, so he knew what to expect and how to behave. During an invasion, the best thing to do was to remain calm and obey orders. It was the only way to stay alive. Then, once the invaders were calm and had their guards down, a plan of action could take place. That was how it worked in the comics and on the science fiction shows on the television, and so that was how it was going to work here too, he figured.

He wondered if anyone had a plan of action.

Willis needed to yawn, but the big alien guy was still yammering away about this rule or that rule. It was almost lunch time and they’d all been standing there on the town square, listing to his garble for a least an hour. By now, Willis had expected some of them to have been taken prisoner, bound or chained… maybe led off into different groups or taken to colonies. Yet, there was only the one ship hovering over their small town, and the creature speaking was the only creature to have shown himself thus far.

However, he had a ray gun. Willis had to remember this.

“Now that I have explained to you your fates, puny humans, tell me who your leader is. He and I shall have a chat, alone, where I will further inform him of how things will be run here.”

There was a hushed mumbling among the crowd. About ten feet away from Willis, the town’s mayor stood, sweaty and nervous, swallowing through the obvious lump in his throat. Willis knew the mayor would panic once alone with the alien, and this would likely be the last time any of them would ever see the man again.

“Him!” the mayor suddenly shouted and pointed a shaky finger at Willis. “The boy! He is our leader!”

“Yes!” chimed the mayor’s wife from beside him. “The boy is our leader!”

Then, one or two at a time until their voices became like a roar, all of the townsfolk began to announce their agreement, shouting to the invader that Willis was their leader and that he was who they needed to talk to.

Either everyone was a coward, Willis considered, or they all knew he was a science fiction buff and likely the only one of them that would survive this.

“The boy!” the alien scoffed. “Pathetic, puny humans. Fine. Boy, step forward.”