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Published Feb. 2019

1st Edition

Freaky Fiction on the Go: Volume 1

Need something quick and entertaining to read while traveling, on break at work, or in between classes? 'Freaky Fiction on the Go' is just what you're looking for! Filled with super short stories and flash fiction, this collection will keep you enthralled and on the edge of your seat! Featuring tales of horror and science fiction, this volume of 'Freaky Fiction on the Go' will set the mood for your moment of reading pleasure. A collection of Jae El Foster’s most beloved pieces of flash fiction, available here together for the first time. Also included are three brand new stories that will curl your toes and chill your bones! This light and easy to pack collection also makes a great gift for lovers of horror, sci-fi, or just those with warped imaginations! Mystical, suspenseful, terrifying and thought-provoking, ‘Freaky Fiction on the Go’ will grip you, and it might not let go…



Excerpt from 'Tea with Father Time'

He did not die, but he was not alive either. Somehow, he had been transported, or transformed. He was now a spirit. He was now energy. There was a separation between Jakovy and his human vessel that he could not explain, nor could he fully fathom it.

Still, there were strings that somehow linked him to his body, and even though he could barely see them – as they, too, were energy – he could feel them, and thusly, he could feel his body.

He saw the world anew through his metaphysical form. Everything was, for lack of better phrasing, in extreme high definition to Jakovy. Every plant, every cloud, every bird and – as he soared up even higher – every star. Above the world, the universe welcomed him. It opened up its wondrous shrouded arms to him and embraced him as he had never before been embraced.

Around him, he saw other energies, and more so, he felt them. Intense to him as it was, he seemed to even know them. Most were spirituous energies that Jakovy had not benefited the pleasure of knowing during their earthly lives. Some, he had heard of in history books, and a few, he remembered from his youth or through his family. These energies also knew him; he could feel it as he could feel their warmth toward him.

They too, he knew, could feel his warmth.

Away from the gravitational grips of Earth, Jakovy traveled. He ventured through the galaxy at a speed unlike any that he could have imagined, and yet, he was still able to take it all in. He was in a wonderland of existence that most people on Earth contested. It was magnificent, and he was in love with it.

Like a pull to a marionette, Jakovy felt his strings being yanked and his energy was pulled into a new direction without his consent or control. Now, somehow, his experience was terrifying, as he knew he was still traveling at an immense pace, yet he was unable to take in much of what he was seeing on the way. Everything zipped by him so quickly that he couldn’t make heads or tails out of anything. It was dizzying. It was sickening. Where was he going?

What was causing this?

The universe around him, spinning out of control, twisted and turned until it began to dissolve and change. Stars, planets, gasses, emptiness… it all transformed into light brown grains of sand. Like a whirlpool, the sand spun around him, creating a new vortex through which Jakovy was yanked.