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Falling for You

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Published Aug. 2019

DCL Publications

1st Edition

Falling for You

My Name is Not Cupid

by Jennifer Patricia O'Keeffe

Once a proud angel overseeing the relationships and deeds of humans, Zeretha has been stripped of her wings and sent to earth. After a shaky history in performing her duties, she has been separated from her heavenly powers and made mortal, given one final assignment to prove her worth and re-earn her wings. The assignment: to unite a man she’s never met with his true love. Desperate to earn her wings and resume her life as an angel, Zeretha begrudgingly takes the assignment and sets off on a Hollywood adventure that will change her forever. Unknowing of how to take care of her new mortal body, Zeretha is aided by a senior citizen husband and wife on their way to Hollywood on vacation, and through them, she learns that humans might not be so bad after all. Will Zeretha complete her assignment to satisfaction and earn her wings again, or will she be forced to remain on earth as a human? Find out in this deliciously humorous and light-hearted romantic comedy!

An Autumn of Incident

by Adesanya

Persephone West has just moved to the idyllic small town of Marblebrook, and she’s already begun life there with a rocky start! After falling while trying to rescue her cat Jack from a tree, she is introduced to Forrest, a handsome young man with the local fire and rescue. While this incident should have been isolated, Persephone proves that her klutzy behavior is long standing. Yet, each time she falls, Forrest seems to be there to catch her. Escape into the humor and joy of this delightful romantic comedy as Persephone and Forrest find out the beauty – and the slapstick tribulations – of embracing true love!

The Joys of Getting Pregnant or Sweet Little Angel from Hell

by Jae El Foster

Toby has taken the best job – being paid to get a beautiful woman pregnant! Yet, things begin to turn sour between him and his new client when they keep running into each other at various places and get to see each other’s more ‘combative’ sides. While fuming over one such confrontation with the client, Toby is suddenly struck by a car and his world begins to change forever. He is given a business card that leads him to an abandoned warehouse where, once inside, he learns there is much more to this place than meets the eye. As Toby’s luck would have it, only his latest client can save him from what awaits him. What darkness lies within this old warehouse? What secret is his client hiding from him? Will this sudden adventure bring the two unlikely mates closer, or will it make Toby think twice about being her baby-maker? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this hilarious cutting edge tale of good versus evil!

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My Name is Not Cupid by Jennifer Patricia O’Keeffe


Her powers… she hadn’t tried her powers since landing here. Perhaps, she thought, they hadn’t been stripped after all. Crouching low, she began to run, and with a leap, she jumped into the air to fly. Instantly, she fell back down to the ground.

Okay. She couldn’t fly anymore. Perhaps she could still teleport. She looked at a tree across the lake and placed her focus on it. Then, with the tilt of the head that had always worked before, she attempted to materialize beside it. Yet, no matter how much she focused, she could not teleport.

Immortality was another trait that all angels shared, and so Zeretha began to climb the tallest tree she could find, getting about a third of the way up it. Then, she crawled out onto a sturdy branch and stood up straight on it. Without a second thought about it, she jumped from the tree and fell down hard to the ground.

It hurt like hell. She had a gash on her leg from a sharp rock and when she tried to stand, she felt the bone snap. In the worst pain she’d ever known, she collapsed back down to the ground.

“This is not funny!” she screamed through bleary eyes as she once again looked to the heavens. “I did not deserve this!”

“You broke your own leg,” she heard a voice tell her. “God didn’t make you jump from that tree.”

Looking over, she saw Titus – one of God’s impish assistants. Dressed in a suit and tie, he held a clipboard and made notes as he looked Zeretha over through the lenses of his glasses.

“You…” Zeretha groaned, and for a moment, she thought she’d rather deal with the pain of the broken ankle than with Titus.

“Yep, me… I’ve worked my entire existence trying to move up the ranks, and I get stuck following you around on Earth.” The tone of his voice was droll and he held a resting bitch face. “You think you’ve got it bad? You don’t have to follow you.”

“Then go home,” she told him, holding her ankle with both hands. “I’d rather deal with this than deal with you.”

“Okay,” he said, adding more notes to his clipboard. “Fine. But with that ankle, you won’t make it ten feet. Come morning, you’ll be breakfast for the bears.”


“Big ones.”

Zeretha sighed and shook her head. The last thing she wanted was Titus’s help. He was a brown-nosing suck-up to God, and if she was to be perfectly honest, she detested him. He made the life of angels so much harder than it should have been. He was the one that noted failed good deeds, shirking duties, and anything else that could have caused angels to lose their wings.



An Autumn of Incident by Adesanya


It was less than four minutes before she heard the sirens. At five minutes, she saw the red. It was a fire engine, turning the corner her house was built on and parking in front of her driveway. Sirens, but no flashing lights.

Five men were on the engine and one of them paused long enough to open a hatch on the engine and pull out a black box. She turned her head and watched the other four as they leaned against the engine, taking in the scene while the fifth jogged over to her and knelt beside her.

“Hi.” He spoke casually, as if they knew each other. She blinked and took in his nearly novel-perfect blond hair and hazel eyes. It was a second before she realized that he was not a character in one of her screenplays and, finally, she answered him.

“Uh, hi.” She sighed deeply. “Fell out of the tree. I think I broke my ankle.” She touched a hand to her forehead and clutched her long reddish brown hair. “My cat treed himself.” She sighed again. “Oh, this is so embarrassing.”

The firefighter set his black box beside her and reached for her ankle, pressing at it. She squeaked in pain, but it wasn’t as bad as she thought it was when she’d first landed on it. “What’s your name?” the blond asked, his voice still casual and friendly while he examined her.

“Persephone,” she introduced herself. “Persephone West. I just moved here. Like... twenty minutes ago.”


The Joys of Getting Pregnant or Sweet Little Angel from Hell by Jae El Foster


He stood outside the doors, trying to look in through the opening, but it appeared dark inside and he could see nothing.

“Hello?” he asked again, and still, he received no response. Finally, growing impatient, he pushed the doors open and allowed the rays of sunlight to brighten the interior.

For a building that had last served as a textile factory, what he saw seemed misleading. The sunlight brightened a long hallway that was lined with a red carpet and narrow wooden walls on either side.

Toby stepped inside and took two steps forward before turning around to the sound of the doors closing behind him. Now, with the sun blocked out, he was trapped in utter darkness.

“Okay,” he said, nervous and on guard as he turned in a circle. “Who’s there?”

At the end of the hallway, a single light flickered on, showing him that the hall ended with a turn to the right. Knowing he should just turn around and run, he decided against chickening out. He’d had such a bad run already that this adventure would either turn out better for him or just finish him all together. He knew one of those had to be the outcome, but the world was pissing him off and he was ready to face it, rather than hide from it.

Slowly, he walked toward the end of the hall and the flickering light that brightened it. There, he paused, looking down the right turn and seeing more of the same – nothingness through the darkness. Shaking off the nerves, he made the turn and continued.

Again, at the end of the hall, a light came on, this time illuminating a door. The door appeared to have a wooden frame with a frosted glass window. The window had writing on it, but from where he stood, he could not read it. So, with more timid steps, he approached it to read it.

“John Smith, Esquire,” read the lettering.

Although this made no sense to him – having an office and this sort of hallway in an old condemned factory – he was at least glad to see Mr. Smith’s name. That gave him a bit of confidence in that, perhaps, he had not fully had the wool pulled over his eyes.

Because of the frost glass, Toby could not see through the window to tell if anyone was inside or not, and so he knocked on the wooden portion of the door.

There was no answer. Of course there was no answer, he thought, shaking his head. It was Sunday. Even if this John Smith and his Chans Dyab Enterprises were real, they wouldn’t have been in this dark and abandoned building on a Sunday afternoon. Likely, the man was off golfing or playing a round or two of tennis. At least, that was what Toby thought rich business men did on their time off. Then again, he could have just been out hitting more people with his car.

As he turned to leave, the door clicked and opened just a few inches. The room seemed dark, but regardless of that, he pushed on the door and opened it fully. It illuminated as he stepped inside.

It was, indeed, an office. There was a grand mahogany desk with a chair that looked like it had cost Mr. Smith more than Toby’s baby juice had cost Roslyn. There was a tall file cabinet, two computers, and two guest chairs. A globe sat atop a bookshelf, and there was a window with the curtains closed at the far wall behind the desk. Although it was simply furnished, it felt posh – more executively exclusive than anywhere Toby had ever stepped into. It even smelled good.

The chair, he thought, looked too inviting. He looked around and behind him, ensuring no one else was in the room with him, and he walked to Mr. Smith’s chair, touching its soft warmth. Then, wondering what it would have felt like to have been a well-to-do businessman, he sat in the chair to get a feeling… to imagine his life being much better than it actually was.

The office door shut, securing him inside. Toby stood with a jolt of surprise.