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Irish Twins: Cassandra's Cop Book 2

In this steamy follow-up to the internationally selling To Protect, Serve and Love: Cassandra’s Cop, the story of fiction author Cass and her red-headed husband John continues. This time, there is a third party added to the mix – John’s slightly older brother Matthew, his Irish Twin.

During an anniversary supper at Cass and John’s apartment, Matthew seems to be the only guest to show and join in on the celebration. This works out to Cass’s benefit – and to John’s – as the two work to seduce him into an exquisite threesome, allowing Matthew to share more with his dear brother than he ever had before.

Will the sudden and unexpected appearance of their brother Kean throw a damper on their erotic festivities? Will Cass and the gang avert danger when suddenly held up at gun-point? More than just an erotic romance, Irish Twins will excite and enthrall as it carries you through the next chapter of the explosive Cassandra’s Cop series!

Published July. 2019

2nd Edition




Annoyance sounded in John's voice despite all of his efforts to fight it. “What the hell are you doing here, Kean?” he demanded as his youngest living brother vaulted up the stairs two at a time. “I thought you had to work.”


The young and cheerful redhead stopped on the landing only slightly out of breath. He clapped his brother on the shoulder as he entered. “Got someone else to cover my shift,” he explained as he entered. His eyes fell on the dining room table, and his eyebrows rose. “Wow! If this is how you celebrate the anniversary of meeting, I won't miss your wedding anniversary, for love or money.” He walked to the table, snatched up a prawn and gobbled it down.


Matthew raised his eyebrows at his brother. “You're late,” he chided.


Kean raised his eyebrows in return. “You sound like Liam. I wasn't even supposed to come,” he argued. “And I can't actually stay long.”


Cass walked in from the kitchen. “Hi, Kean,” she greeted. “I put coffee on.”


Kean looked at his sister-in-law and smiled. She looked immaculate. Her dress seemed custom made to fit her frame. Not many women could look so sexy in such a long skirt. He stood and walked over to her, kissing her on the cheek. “Hey, sis.”


Cass smiled. “Hey, bro,” she responded. “Did I hear you say you weren't staying long?”


Kean shrugged. “An hour, tops,” he predicted. “I had someone cover for me. I got a phone call from this girl and...”


“So you're off to get laid,” John laughed. “For pussy, he'll get the day off. For my anniversary party, he has to work.” He rolled his eyes, and Kean blushed as red as his hair.