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Ashaki Knows Best

Experience the excitement of Miami and venture deep into the African jungles in this exciting tale about friendship, humility, and humanity. As financial struggles drive Ashaki closer to losing her beloved beauty parlor, the African matchmaker turned Miami beautician finds there is more than one storm brewing around her. When a dear friend's mother passes away, Ashaki becomes babysitter over a weekend in which a powerful hurricane is set to hit. Will Ashaki survive the threats from the storm long enough to keep the child safe and save her beloved shop? Filled with adventure, humor, black magic, and tales of Ashaki's native African tribe, 'Ashaki Knows Best' will keep you enthralled from start to end.



Published Feb. 2019

2nd Edition


She woke in the middle of the night – the sound of the thunder and rain clapping loudly outside. Her head hurt a bit, from the drinking she imagined, and her stomach felt just a tad woozy. She was not used to drinking wine, and it always had a retaliating effect on her. Standing from the comfortable bed of the grand guest suite, she yawned tiredly and stumbled over to the door to retrieve the robe from its hook. Wrapping the cotton warmth around her body, she stepped out into the black, silent hallway. She could see the lightning flash outside of the large ceiling-to-floor windows that rose up from the first floor entrance. It reminded her of why she hated storms, and she shivered.

Closing her eyes, she was immediately transported to a time that, although it seemed like yesterday, was in an entire life completely. She was back in Africa – a young, beautiful teenage matchmaker. It was on a night like this that she frolicked with Gugu, the tribe's warrior prince. His name was of Zulu origin, meaning treasure, and he was that and more to Ashaki. He was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her earthly days with. At the age of seventeen, he was like a god sent from the heavens. His skin was so dark that at night it disappeared, and his eyes were large and cryptic, hiding behind them the answers to all the worldly questions. True to the title of the warrior prince, his body was a perfect physique, toned and ripped from ab to ab. Although lean, his muscles were the greatest the tribe had seen in decades.

On this evening, Ashaki and her warrior prince took shelter from the storm beneath a tall, widespread tree. There, they made love together – she enjoying the thickness of his masculinity, and he embracing the womanhood that was known as Matchmaker. The rain fell on the two, but they did not sense it. They only sensed each other, and Ashaki was in nirvana inside of his arms. He made her feel like a woman, and when he touched her, she was on fire. They cried out their joys together, lying arm in arm in sweet, stormy afterglow.

Lightning began to strike down to the ground more so than before, and with every burst, the rain and wind grew heavier. Ashaki trembled in her lover's arms.